Group Classes – 3 times a week in the mornings.  These classes are a mix of high-variation, high intensity sessions where I fuse rhythmic movements with power yoga with a focus on body alignment.  Designed to make you work up a sweat, tone up and increase your overall fitness levels.

Privates – twice a week. These are Iyengar yoga sessions which are designed to bring your body back to alignment. Restorative in nature, these classes are specially beneficial to those with injuries, athletes and dancers. Those with disc bulges or slipped discs will also benefit from this practice. A few Iyengar yoga classes are an integral component to those interested in holistic health and wellness.

Pregnancy Yoga Module – your pregnancy is a special time for you, both emotionally and physically.  Along with the changes to your body, there are many changes imminent in your life as well. Cultivating a regular yoga practice under the guidance of a qualified instructor will help you stay healthy so that you can enjoy every facet of this new phase in your life. Each trimester and each month is different and each pregnancy is unique. This module is customized for your individual needs.

Wedding Special – the days leading up to your big day now no longer have to leave you dull, irritable and frazzled.  With this 15 days course designed to relax and rejuvenate, you won’t need to slather on makeup for an artificial glow.  Not to mention looking and feeling toned in all your wedding finery.

The Yoga Practice – this is a specialized module I created for those who are interested in face to face session but for whom timing is a big caveat.  This is a hybrid of personalized videos and group sessions with the benefits of both having a coach helping you out in person and the ease and flexibility of practicing at your own pace/space/time.  Read more about this here.

Retreats/Workshops – stay tuned or call 9686233003 for more info.

For more information on any of the above programs please write to or call on 9686233003.

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