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How-to: The Zero Waste Home

Small things we can all implement in our lives!

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It’s been quiet around here because we’ve embarked on a huge project:

*The Zero Waste Home*

After reading Bea Johnson’s book of the same title, I realised that what we’re currently doing isn’t enough. We thought we were eco-friendly, but turns out we’re not. It’s just not enough to recycle, take bags to the supermarket and our Keep Cups to the coffee shop.

If Bea can achieve zero waste in her home (with two kids, and a dog!) then we had to at the very least give it a decent go. (Full disclosure: My husband said “it’s your project, but if it doesn’t create more work in the end, I’m happy to tag along”.)

How to shop bulk Bulk shopping is fun – and who said there’s no choice!?

Now I feel silly not to have made these changes earlier (years ago, in fact).

This is what we’ve done:

  • Located a bulk store.

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