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Pose #4 for Women – Trikonasana


In an interview with Prannoy Roy, BKS Iyengar said that he was still working on his Trikonasana.  In my yoga class we work on Trikonasana every day and the teacher always frowns in disapproval.  In an interview I watched a couple of weeks ago Maty Ezraty talks about how she can judge the level of a student by how they perform the Trikonasana.  Personally, the Trikonasana has a heavy influence on my practice.  Some days I break into the asana with great ease.  Other days (like this morning) there’s some stiffness and soreness and I creak through the asana.  Maybe it’s a combination of shoulder and hip opening.  Or maybe it’s the stretch along the sides of the body or the release of tension from the shoulders….but this pose makes me want to linger.


  • Great for the legs and torso.
  • Relieves pain and tension from the lower back.
  • Maintains the flexibility of the spine.
  • Provides a great massage to the abdominal organs and stimulates them.
  • Good for digestion since it provides a massage to the abdominal organs.
  • Relieves backache, especially through second trimester of pregnancy
  • Helps in managing flat feet (I’ve seen it even reduce the condition).
  • Helps in managing and preventing osteoporosis and sciatica.


When practicing the Trikonasana, remember to:

  • Keep the legs straight.
  • Keep the chest open.
  • Keep the spine long and strong.
  • Bend the torso laterally (from the hip).
  • Keep the hip joint open.
  • Reach out with both hands.
  • look down if you get migraines or have a BP condition.
  • look down if you have a heart condition or neck pain.



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