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Pose #3 for Women – Parsvakonasana


Another standing asanas which I practice almost daily basis is the Parsvakonasana or the Side Angle Pose.  Usually when I practice the standing asanas, I include this one also.   It gives the hip joint that little bit of an extra stretch   I usually transition from the Virbhadrasana II to the Parsvakonasana.

Benefits of the Parsvakonasana:

  • Great to strengthen the quads, knees and ankles.  Basically good for the entire leg.
  • Opens up the hip joint.  Therefore great to massage the reproductive and abdominal organs.  So useful in conditions such as PCOS/PCOD.
  • Alleviates menstrual discomfort by providing a relaxing stretch.
  • Helps in toning the sides of the body.
  • Great to open up the shoulders and the lungs.


When practicing the Parsvakonasana remember:

  • To extend the arms outwards and engage even the fingertips!
  • Keep the knee stacked on top of the ankle for the front leg and make sure the inner edge of the foot is pushed into the floor.  (Most people tend to put their weight on the outer edge of the foot.)
  • Pay lots of attention to the back leg.  Ensure that the back foot is pushed firmly into the floor.  Make sure you tighten the knee.
  • Sink your hips down.
  • Never ever let your chest collapse!  (Keep the Warrior spirit going.)


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