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Eat the Beet

20150218_135328[1]I posted a picture yesterday of a soup that I had at my mom’s friend’s house.  Everything she made was amazing.  Her ingredients were from the UK and the Netherlands, but the end products were Indian.  So, for instance, she made makki ki roti and sarson ka saag.  She had made dahi papdi and karela…and many many other things.  But I liked this soup best because it has beetroot and garlic.  The ingredients are easily available and loaded with nutrients.  And so easy to make.  Since most good cooks cook instinctively, she was unable to tell me the ratio or the quantity of the ingredients she used.  But here’s what she told me:

1.  Take some beets.  Grate them.

2.  Take some garlic.  Grate them.

You can modify the garlic to beet ratio depending upon how much you like the taste of garlic.

3.  Add lots of water and start to boil.  Boil until the garlic and beet are soft.  Add spices such as cinnamon and salt and black pepper.

4.  When you get the consistency you want then serve hot.

Let me know if you like it as much as I do!!!

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