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‘Tis Sesame Season

Here in Jorhat it’s really really cold.  In Delhi it’s colder still.  While in Bangalore I got phone calls from my mother in law fretting about my health because in Bangalore I wasn’t consuming the sweet goodies that are a staple diet during the winter season in Delhi.  When a yoga friend from Hyderabad asked me about sesame seeds, I thought I’ll gather my thoughts together about this seed and how it benefits us.  Here are the top 5 reasons you should consume sesame seeds during the winter season:

  1. According the Ayurveda, sesame increases body heat.  Which is why it’s used in laddoos and gajak made during the winter season.  However, moderation is the key.  Since most of us haven’t had our doshas examined and determined by a practitioner of ayurveda, it’s best to be safe and moderate the quantity of sesame that you consume, rather than taking a dosage every day (I’m anti anything which seems like ‘medicine’).
  2. Sesame oil is great for hair.  Personally I’ve tried Baidyanath’s Bhringraj oil, and it makes your hair strong and silky.  And conditions it too.  Add to that the heating nature of the seed, and you’ll have a stimulating head massage.  It’s great for a skin massage as well.  A lot of people use it for babies as well!
  3. Another reason for consuming these seeds in moderation is the high fat content.  However, if consumed in moderation these seeds actually help in lowering bad cholesterol, thereby decreasing the chances of heart disease, stroke and heart issues.
  4. In India, a lot of goodies made for expectant mothers contain sesame seeds.  This is because the folic acid in these seeds ensures healthy foetus growth as well as good health for the mother.
  5. Last but not least, sesame seeds are great for bones and therefore prevent osteoporosis.

So, buy the goodies if you’re in the colder parts of India and eat them without guilt.  Add them to salads.  And of course, get the oil and enjoy some invigorating head massages with it.  In fact, since the oil is edible, drizzle it on salads or use it for cooking!




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