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Walking and the Brahma Muhuratam

I got an early start to my day today, at the Brahma muhuratam to be precise.  Brahma muhuratam occurs one and a half hours before sunrise and considered the best for meditation.  It is believed that at this time the air is charged with powerful electromagnetic particles and this intensifies any spiritual practice or sadhana.  Some even believe that the Ozone layer is closest to the earth at this time and so the air is pure and clean and inhaling this air and allowing it to permeate your pores has numerous health benefits.  Since I was wide awake I decided to walk around the hills a bit, something I haven’t done in a long time, but which I enjoy.  As usual, I practiced ‘mindful walking’.  I made a note of how the air feels and smells, all the sounds, the feel of the ground under my feet, the temperature…basically practicing awareness in something as mundane as walking.

When I came back, about an hour later I felt energetic and happy (fresh air and exercise always make me happy), and so I decided to extol the virtues of walking on my blog.  Here goes:

  1. Walking is an excellent form of mild exercise.  It cost nothing but a good pair of walking shoes.
  2. You get a lot of time to meditate on yourself and your life.  So it gives you a chance to reflect and contemplate.
  3. If walking early in the morning you get to walk around with no traffic or people rushing about, and kids making a lot of noise.
  4. If you power walk then it helps in controlling your cholestrol levels, increases your endurance, improves your balance, releases endorphins so you’re happy and feel better about yourself.
  5. Good for your back!

And finally, if you’re waking up to walk around the time of the Brahma muhuratam then you get clear, glowing skin and strong, powerful lungs as well.

So start your day at the Brahma muhuratam with a walk.









One thought on “Walking and the Brahma Muhuratam

  1. Very nice Pragya, I hope that predawn time dawns soon when I can pull myself out of the bed.Thanx keep motivating us lazy bums.

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