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The 12 Mantras.

Yesterday we did the 108 Surya Namaskars with the 12 mantras.  Performing the Surya Namaskar is also a spiritual exercise where you are offering your respect, prayers, salutations to the Sun, the only real source of energy.  Therefore, the 12 mantras are a tribute to the sun god.  Below are the 12 mantras:

1.  Aum hram mitraya namah.

2.  Aum hrim ravaye namah.

3.  Aum hrum suryaya namah.

4.  Aum hraim bhanave namah.

5.  Aum hraum khagaya namah.

6.  Aum hrah pusne namah.

7.  Aum hram hiranyagarbhaya namah.

8.  Aum hrim maricaye namah.

9.  Aum hrum adityaya namah.

10.  Aum hraim  savitre namah.

11.  Aum hraum arkaya namah.

12.  Aum hrah bhaskaraya namah.



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