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A New Year A New Beginning?

Nature is cyclical.  Night goes to day and back again.  Winter goes to summer and back.  Life is cyclical as well.  The cycle of birth and death.  Years begin and end.  At the beginning of every year we make resolutions.  But it’s a good practice to endeavor to make resolutions all year round and keep them.  Small resolutions to push the limits of your willpower.  To strengthen you form the inside and center you.  At the beginning of the month you can start with, I will cut down the number of mugs of coffee.  Or I will practice every day without fail.  Even things like, I will wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual.  All these resolutions serve to keep the feeling of goodwill and positivity going in our lives.  Through these resolutions we are constantly endeavoring to make our lives better, we live better and are making an impact on the universe in our own unique way.  My resolution today is to be more tolerant and compassionate with those who are different from me.  Often we forget that people are the way they are because of the lives they’ve lead and the circumstances they have dealt with.  So the dour policeman, the irritated shopkeeper, the rude waiter – they’ve all lived through pretty nasty circumstances which have made them blind to the joys of life.  It’s sad and unfortunate and the best we can do is to just take in a deep breath and take care not to send out a negative thought into the world.  Better yet, send out a prayer to these people hoping that soon the blessings of happiness and contentment find them and make their lives easier.  Yogis on the other hand are forever collecting blessings and positivity.  Regular cleansing practices purify our minds and souls and this in turn purifies the environment around us.  We are blessed to have found the gift of yoga.  It’s time we started sharing the gift with others.  Shalom.

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