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Before the crack of dawn….

I would say that perhaps the best thing you can do for your body and your mind, and something that helps your practice is waking up a bit early, preferably at day break.  I’ve met a lot of people who exclaim – “But that’s midnight!”  However, I’ve found that waking up early, when its still a bit dark outside, when it’s quiet and still and when the morning traffic hasn’t started, energizes me for the day like nothing else can.  (Yes, not even snuggling deeper into the warm quilt on those chilly January mornings for a few extra moments of sleep.)  It’s at this time that the stillness and calm outside can penetrate deeper into your mind and help you balance yourself.  What helps perhaps is that there are no distractions.  Family members are still asleep, the maids won’t turn up for a while, and your to-do list doens’t have to begin until the sun is up.  At this time it’s nice to listen to some peaceful music, perhaps some vedic chanting or just some other music that I find relaxing.  Better yet, sit in sukhasana breathing deeply and listen to the delicious silence….

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