In the past few years the interest in health and fitness has proliferated to gargantuanPOMELO_20160304121812_save proportions.  For me yoga was initially just a means of losing weight.  I had tried just about everything and nothing really seemed to be working.  Perhaps I had commitment issues or a lack of real interest in holistic health.  However, the day I attended my first yoga class was the day I decided that I was going to register for the rest of the month.  And from then there was no looking back.  It helped me lose weight.  And it helped me grow.  It helped me make good decisions unapologetically.  It helped me focus my energy constructively.  It gave me balance.

So yes you will lose weight in my classes.  But you will also gain something.  Something much more valuable than the weight that you lose.  Because, lets face it, weight has nothing to do with longevity, health, fulfilment, happiness, vitality, energy and a wholesome life!

I’ve been practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching for 4 years. I holds a TTC from SVYASA, Bangalore.

I was born in India but grew up ar20150219_202236[1]ound the world.  My first contact with yoga happened in Brazil with the ISKON community there.  The interest stayed with me and it deepened further  in college, where I obtained an engineering degree in computers.  After 7 years of working for well known engineering firms, I finally felt confident enough about my yoga practice to leave my well paying job to explore my passion.

I currently conduct regular groupIMG-20150209-WA0003[1] sessions as well as personal training sessions in Bangalore.  I regularly teach power yoga, hatha yoga, kids yoga, restorative yoga, Iyengar yoga and pre-natal yoga classes.


20 thoughts on “About

  1. Congratulations Pragya Bhatt..Glad to see you treading a path of divinity and prime health..

    Yours Well Wisher

  2. Hii pragya…
    Well I am also a beginner yogi…but I wanna deep dive in my practice.
    I do have my fears.. Whether to leave my job and try out or practice full time.
    Pl let me know how to take up online sessions.

  3. Woah! Pragya, you are miraculous girl on Earth, how you can do these kind of stretching? I live here in US, I’ll surely meet you when I’ll come to your country.

  4. Hey Pragya… I am a resident of Delhi.. Leading a Corporate life with no time for physical activity… Gained a lot of weight accompanied with back pain and all…. I want to learn this Iyengar yoga as I feel that it has the potential to turn around my life… Want to know whether you conduct Yoga classes in Delhi as well…

  5. Pragya mam,

    I could literally write a poem on you for you! You took my breathe away in a single instruction video on YouTube.

    Yours fan following (ly)

  6. Pragya mam,

    I could literally write a poem on you for you! You took my breathe away in a single instruction video on YouTube.

    Yours fan following (ly)

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